Business Challenge: Get Started w Video Marketing and Setup Your YouTube Channel

YouTube video checklist
YouTube video checklist

This is Stacia’s Daily Email for March 22, 2020 – where she challenges any businesses not using video marketing to set up a YouTube channel – and offers them free tips to get it started!

Good Morning! It’s a start to perfect day, I am back on my millionaire morning routine.  We woke up at 4:50 ish am   

Got ready and took a walk on the beach.  

One of the things I wrote down long time ago was to be able to do that.  

Even though I don’t have to be anywhere, it helps to get my body moving and ready to receive inspired actions for the day. 

It is a strange world we live in now and maybe my head has been in the sand. I just don’t even want to think about all the things that could or have been going on. 

All I know is that I’ve been preparing for exactly what I have now.  

The opportunity to work from home.  

Use my talents and skills that I have accumulated over my entire online marketing career and share them with you! 

One of my favorite traffic strategies has been VIDEO and if you haven’t gotten your YouTube Channel setup today is the day!  

I don’t know the stats as of last week.  But there has been 2 Billion people on YouTube I am sure that has probably doubled or even more than I can imagine around the WORLD since everyone is at home on lockdown! 

 It’s your turn to take the time to get your business on YouTube and drive traffic to your product or service.  

Don’t be just a consumer!  

Be a creator, we are all in need of leaders to step up and share your message with the world.  

If you haven’t started or need more direction Grab 

On the Thank You Page you will also receive an offer for my….  
SEO For YouTube Course.  

I will show you exactly how to rank a video like a boss. I give you all my templates on exactly what you need to do.  

For those who take action today, you will receive a surprise BONUS!!!  

You will be invited to a private zoom coaching call and we will review your channel and share with you exactly what you can do to improve your channel or even get your channel started.  

No matter what level you are at you will get my full attention on your stuff.  

Got any questions just hit the reply button. Otherwise see you inside of the course 😉    

Much Love & Aloha, 

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