Virtually Famous Online Marketing Package for Real Estate Professionals:

$2,000 One Time Setup includes:

  1. Social Media Branding: ($1,000 value)

Create a Consistent Branded Banner for

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

      2. Setup Each Platform Correctly with Links, Keywords and Bio ($250 value)

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

      3. Website/Wordpress Blog Creation: ($2,000 value)

(Domain and Hosting will be purchased by client approx $130 per year)

  • WordPress Install
  • Design Branded Banner
  • Intro Video
  • Embed Email List Optin  
  • Write 4 Basic Blog Posts For Your Niche (2 for buyers, 2 for sellers)
  • Write Your ‘About’ Page, ‘Services’ Page
  • Social Media Links
  • Install Essential Plugins and Security
  • Basic WordPress Video Training


Monthly Marketing Plan for Real Estate Professionals:

$550 per month 1 year commitment or $6,000 One time (Save $600)


Help You Come Up with Video Topics

1 Real Estate Video per Week

1 Inspirational/Community Video per Week
You will film and send in each video


Each video is professionally edited

Each video is professionally edited with branding, lower third with your contact information, cuts to remove unwanted footage, and text to emphasize key points so you look professional and hold your prospect’s attention online.

Each Video Is Optimized on YouTube For Search

Each video is professionally optimized to get found. We will upload each video to YouTube with a compelling title, keyword phrase, an optimized description, your contact information and branding so search engines will find your video at the top of your prospects search results. Videos are embedded on your blog and promoted to your database by email and social media for backlinks and faster exposure. *Closed captioning is available upon request at $1 per minute.

Summarize your videos into blog posts for search

We will write your blog posts for you. After watching your video we will write an intelligent summary of what you said to compliment your video on your blog and improve search engine optimization. All articles include a strong, benefit driven headline, tight business-like writing free of grammar and spelling mistakes, mobile friendly formatting, graphical highlighting so it’s easy to read online, and a call to action to do business with you.

Write, proofread, and send your emails for you

We will send a personal, yet professional mobile friendly custom written email to your database to promote each educational video. Write curious subject lines, benefit driven headlines, and compelling teaser copy so people stop reading their email and watch your video. All emails include powerful calls-to-action, your contact information, and recent customer testimonials or success stories so immediate action is taken to contact you.

Free Email Optin landing pages created for lead capture

Each month will focus on capturing more leads using one of our created funnels. 10 Things To Know Before Moving to (Your City), 5 Things To Know Before Selling Your (Your City) Home, + Any other Freebies we come up with to share value with the community and generate more leads.

Update all your social media accounts for you

Update your social media for you. We will update your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+ accounts for you with a compelling status update, with either a link to your YouTube video or hosting by direct upload, that’s perfectly formatted for maximum engagement so you get more likes and shares to reach more people.  Each update is 100% authentic and personal for your audience.

Optimize review sites so you stand out from competitors   

Set up your online review sites correctly. Google Places, Zillow, and Yelp! among other review sites, are just a few of the many places your customers go to leave positive and negative reviews about your business. We will make sure these online review sites are 100% complete with search optimized descriptions and compelling pictures so you show up when prospects search for you. We’ll also respond to any reviews and encourage more positive reviews to consistently grow and improve your online reputation.

Syndicate Videos to an iTunes Podcast

(additional + $5 per month hosting libsyn)

We will create and run a podcast for you. We will create your own branded podcast placed in iTunes optimized to get found by the iTunes community. Each video you create is repurposed and automatically updated to iTunes for a potential audience of 800 million people. I’ll also include a “Download on iTunes” graphic on your website to build trust, credibility, and authority with premium content placement.

Facebook Video Ad Package: $1,000 per month + $500 minimum ad budget +

  • Create 4 – 15 second Videos
  • Create and Setup Targeted Facebook Ads for each video leading to a lead capture
  • Create a Test to see which ad performs the best. ($100 Minimum)
  • Once we see which ad performs the best up budget to $500 a month+

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