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Social Media Summer School

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Here Is Why You Need This

As a business owner you know the power of Social Media, but it can be so overwhelming!!! What do should we post, when should we post it, and how does it get me results that create profits for our business?

Wouldn't it be nice if someone took you by the hand and shared with you one strategy a week that you can implement yourself? Once you master one platform you can put it all together. It won't take you much time. You just need someone to give it to you in bite sized pieces. Straight to the point trainings! At the end of this 8 week training you can leave with a plan you can implement with ease in as little as 4 hours a week.

Create a 4 hour A Week Social Media Plan

Create a social media marketing plan for the entire year. Create a theme for your content and draft out an editorial calendar for each month.  It will only take a minimum of 4 hours a week to take action and implement.

Learn Exactly What To Do Each Week

I learn best when someone shows me step by step over video since I am a visual learner. You may learn best by audio or even by text. We will do all three, I will record each class during our live video. We will have an audio version that you can listen to. We will also create a step by step checklist that makes this so easy.

Learn How to Market Your Business On a Budget

Each week we are going to go over a different social media platform. Each strategy will cost you NOTHING. You can do everything for FREE or as little as just the equipment or software to create the content. I will go over some paid strategies but It that is optional and can really just boost the strategies we go over.

"I didn’t know a thing about social media before working with Stacia. She has helped me make a lot of money and get my brand out there in the online world."

Thach Nguyen - Co-Founder of Thach Real Estate Group

Here Is What You Get When You Get Started...


Let's start with the end in mind. Learn how to create valuable content so that you can generate more traffic, leads , and profit with sales. Most people skip this step but this is the most important before we learn anything else. In less than one hour we will have your entire social media marketing plan created for the next year. Just like a magazine you will have your editorial created so you know what to do each week so you will start to see some positive results.


How to build your brand (and your business) using video in less than TWO minutes. How to come up with content that attracts your ideal clients. How to title and write your description in your videos so that you are being FOUND in a search for your expertise. Don't know what to say? I will share my scripts and give you an outline on what to say to brand you as the expert in your industry. For the advanced I will also share with you the geek stuff that makes your video get found. How to upload, add a descriptions, transcribe and add captions to your videos to get found on Google, and more…


How do we capture these leads? Don't have a website? At the very least you need to have a email autoresponder to capture your leads. From here you will be able to connect with your prospects and build your know like and trust factor. I will go over some of the basic tools I use and what you can do when you first get started. If you have a little bit of a budget I will show you my must have products to create your lead capture system.

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All of this social media stuff is really useless if you don't have a home base your BLOG. Blogging is easy even if you hate to write. Don't have a blog yet? I will show you quickly how to create one. It's simple and using the 4 Hour Social Media Marketing plan which is based on video you will be turning your videos into your blog posts. You will transcribe your videos and create an edited version to create your blog content. People love to read, watch and listen so you will have this done and have your content in one place where people can learn more about you, your brand and how they can work with you further.

Video Blogging + BloggingONLY $67 ONE TIME


Did you know posting on your Facebook Business page will also be searched on Google?What does that mean? It means when your posts act like a blog and the message you post on Facebook will come up in people's search when they are searching for business like yours. Each social media platform is different and has a different set of rules and audience. So in this chapter you will learn how to use Facebook Video, Facebook LIVE Streaming, Facebook Business Page, Profile page and Facebook Groups and much more...

Facebook Marketing SessionONLY $67 ONE TIME


LinkedIN is not just for people who are looking for a J-O-B. If you are looking for professionals to network with and connect with this is the place to be. I have underestimated the power of LinkedIN for many years. I have been missing the boat and I don't want you to overlook this platform any longer as well. We will go over how to setup your Profile, Advanced Search to Find Your Best Client, Using Groups to Reach 100,000 People, Q&A to Boost Your Brand, and more…



What can you do with 140 Characters? You can do a lot and you want to make sure your Twitter account matches your brand. Here I will share with you how to setup your Profile, Presetting Tweets, Feeding Tweets to other spaces, WHAT to Tweet, WHO to Follow, How to get the RIGHT followers, How to use Hashtags ###, and more…



I go to Pinterest all the time to search for all types of ideas. Pinterest is not just for looking to find a recipe for dinner. This week you will learn how to create pins and drive traffic to your blog site. Generate more leads and sales through Pinterest.


Take Action Before This Offer Expires

GET 50% OFF JOIN TODAY!! ▹▹▹Regular Price $997

You Have Nothing To Lose With My Personal Guarantee

I guarantee that you will have a system completed by the end of our 8 weeks together. If you need extra help in between each week there will be office hours and a private forum to ask questions. If you are not happy with my course there will always be a money guarantee satisfaction.