The 4 Hour A Week Social Media Plan

the 4 hours social media plan

the 4 hours social media planWhat is the 4 Hour a Week Social Media Plan? Are you overwhelmed with all of things you think you should be doing to generate leads and sales on social media? Are you spending way too much time on social media without a marketing strategy? You probably started your business because you are passionate about what you do and don’t have time to spend all day online with no clue on how to market your business to get real results.

I have learned that when you have a proven system like the one I am about to share with you, you won’t be left frustrated any longer.


I have a system that will only take 4 hours a week to implement. The 4 Hour a Week Social Media Plan is very simple and easy to do. As a business owner myself you will want to eventually outsource this so that you can have more freedom in your life.

After all I know that you became an entrepreneur or business owner like myself because you love helping people in your industry and let’s be honest you want to have some freedom and live out your life. 4 hours a week is not a lot of time but if you still don’t have it. You can always call me or my team to help you!

The 4 Hour a Week Social Media Plan

This plan is all based on Video Marketing and If you are already to shaking your head don’t be afraid to create video. You don’t even need to be in the video personally. There are several ways to use video but I highly recommend if you are the face of your business that you do it.

In Summary this is how it works you will… 

  1. Film 2 Value added videos that give a short training in about 5-10minutes. 1st video is all value, 2nd video is more value and you will offer your consult call, sell your product, or webinar etc..
  2. Film Three to Four Short 1 Minute Videos that lead to an Opt-in page offering the Longer Videos
  3. Transcribe all videos for SEO captions, use for creating each video as a blog post and text to repurpose for social media sharing etc…
  4. Create images for all social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIN. It is not necessary to post on all platforms just pick the top platforms your audience hangs out on and be consistent. Link your call to action to the blog, video or to the opt-in

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